Tesla, Waiting For Lightning To Strike? | Greg Schnell | Market Buzz

Tesla has almost tripled in 6 months and many investors want to short it. Greg covered off recent examples of parabolic stocks and some of the signs that are starting to show on TSLA with 10% moves higher intraday multiple times. Whether you are long or short Tesla, capturing some profit out of the trade is the key and parabolic moves lead to greed both ways. The second half of the video is devoted to the lockdown of 40 million people in China. Greg rolls through a group of 30 Chinese stocks and identifies which ones are worthy of interest at this time. Subscriber Sale: If you want to see Greg Schnell’s work on a regular basis, he has a subscription sale. It is 42% off an annual membership with the Coupon code NETWORTH1 Go to GregSchnell.com/Private Investor tab for savings before it expires!

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