Standing On A Precipice

There are moments in the market, where we get to emphatically type bullish projections and outcomes. Those are a lot easier articles to write than to create fear that turns out to be nothing.

Forecasting the future is not what we do. We look for inflection points in the markets. At those inflection points, it is a place where the market can find support and push higher. Conversely, when the setup is there, and the market breaks down as dominoes start to fall, the action is usually swift.

For subscribers, the drop in February was not a surprise. The February 22nd newsletter reported a market running on fumes. Now that we had a 15% correction, is it all over and up we go?

We had many significant signs for a bottom to form, so that is what we watched for. Whether or not it will be successful, is the next piece of the puzzle. The next week should be telling.

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We are in the next stage now of finding how the markets are reacting to the initial selloff. After the rally off the lows, I am watching areas like semiconductors to see if the lows of February can hold.

Transports have not been able to make any headway lately, largely dragged down by the airlines. However, the rails and trucking have been holding up better but still not great. The chart below is from the transportation index.

The momentum shown by the PPO for the trucking index has broken the uptrend and is close to going below zero on the chart below.

It’s an important time to watch the markets closely to protect capital or get ready to put it to work. If you are not currently following someone who helps you find strength in markets outside of technology, perhaps you might enjoy subscribing to my newsletter.

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