Clean Tech – September 8, 2021


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The setups in clean tech failed again this week. The list is thin of other charts that could run. Check out the Scan PDF’s below for other ideas. I didn’t see a lot.

NextEra Energy (NYSE:NEE)

NEE touched all-time highs. It may need to consolidate.

Utilities seem to be breaking out to new highs. NextEra looks good, but it has already posted a big vertical move. After a little consolidation, I’d look for this chart to start breaking out.

Link to Chart

Livent Corp (NYSE:LTHM)

Livent continues to stall at prior highs.

Livent has pushed up against resistance for a couple of weeks, but is unable to break through. The lithium names have paused lately, but eventually they will be able to get a breakout going.

Link to Chart

Alcoa ( NYSE: AA)

Alcoa is pulling back after breaking out. We need to see support hold at $44.

Alcoa, has run up over the last two weeks. Perhaps it needs a little more time to consolidate at the prior highs.

Link to Chart

Keep looking at older posts. Some of those stocks are still in a range, but the setups can reestablish themselves.

EV Watchlist Scan Results

(stocks within the watchlist that are signalling signs of upward momentum)

Remember that you can click on these small charts to see the big ones.

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