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Stock of the Week – Nikola

🚗 🔌 Nikola Motor Company 🚗 🔌⠀⠀
Early July we covered Nikola, having seen some indicators that would have shown it as a good time to exit the stock. The PPO indicator is now hovering around zero, and everything is starting to underperform. Listen to the end to know when a good place to re-enter will be!

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Stock of the Week – First Solar

🔌 ☀️ FIRST SOLAR ☀️ 🔌⠀⠀⠀
The $58 support and resistance line has everyone’s eyes watching. We’ve seen it go above in the last couple weeks, & compared to its peers #firstsolar is doing well! Let’s see how it continues!

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Stock of the Week – Uber Technologies

Everyone’s favourite late night ride, how is it doing on the charts? It’s been in a declining price channel, since it IPO’d, but we are seeing it break to the top side, an important change to watch for in the trend.⠀

We’re looking for higher highs (like many charts), but we want it to break above its previous highs and create those one year highs.📈⠀

What do we think it’s going to do? Do we think COVID-19 has helped, or hurt this chart since its release? 🤔 

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Stock of the Week – Shopify

Shopify has had a GIANT trend for the past three years, which we can see on the weekly chart. It’s looking BULLISH, and pretty with it starting from the bottom left going up to the bottom right. If you’re in this already, this is the kind of chart you’d like to see! 🛍⠀

For our institutes, we’re using four different moving averages on the chart, to see where it may pull back so we can jump in on this action. 📈

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