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Transports Miss A Shift | Greg Schnell, CMT | Market Buzz (01.20.21)

While the transports have been working their way higher, FDX and UPS have dropped markedly from their late 2020 highs. Greg rolls through the main transportation stocks to check on the strength of things being shipped. The video talks specifically about Airlines and Boeing. There are a few other charts Greg pops up that suggest the rally we have seen is at the highest momentum reading in 20 years, and one of the highest in 80 years. Not exactly the place to let your guard down.

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Get Shopping! | Greg Schnell, CMT | Market Buzz (01.13.21)

Tis the season for the consumer shopping stocks to make the big move into the first quarter of 2021. There is a nice seasonal trade for a lot of the retail discretionary names. On the video, Greg describes how to get a list of these stocks easily. He also shows different ways to manipulate the lists so you can sort it year-to-date performance by industry, or just year-to date. Move the sort order around quickly and easily to help you find the next group of winners. Greg shows some of the broadline retailers, apparel retailers and footwear companies that are leading in the charts.

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Hitting 5G | Greg Schnell, CMT | Market Buzz (01.06.21)

This weeks edition rolls through the 5G cellular technology related charts as 2021 promises to ramp up the network capacity. As the cell phone providers start to mainstream 5G phones, this is an important time to stay on top of the leaders in the space.

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Sorting Software Names | Greg Schnell, CMT | Market Buzz (12.16.20)

Greg rolls through some of the different ways to sort lists of stocks. This week, the focus is on Software stocks. How to get them into a group, or how to sort them by something that is not on the summary page. In this example, using the Rank By scan syntax, we are able to sort for stocks that have had a sudden burst of enthusiasm. There are lots of different ways, but this helps focus on what is moving lately.

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