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Changes Impacting Markets in 2022 | Greg Schnell, CMT (11.17.21)

As Greg starts to think about what’s ahead for the markets in 2022, he shares his unique perspective on how changes in the world can impact investors and traders. This show is about the long-term view of what is working and changing, while also highlighting what is not working and what we want to avoid.

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The Art Of Selling Your Stocks | Greg Schnell, CMT (11.10.21)

Most investors have a big win at some point in their life, the real trick to keeping those gains is to have a selling strategy. Fundamental data will break long after the investors are gone. Picking a few good indicators to help you identify a sell point with significant gains is helpful. This video talks about a few indicators and clues you can use to help develop selling discipline near the highs.

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Prepping For The 2022 Energy Rally | Greg Schnell, CMT | Market Buzz (11.03.21)

Greg reviews three different time frames for the energy industry to help with buy signals. He also rolls through changing the indicator settings to help use different clues for buy points. The 2022 Energy industry should be one to watch for as global oil inventory levels get low.

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