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Setting Technical Stops | Greg Schnell, CMT | Market Buzz (11.16.22)

Greg rolls through the changes in the indexes over the last month and talks about using some indicators for clues on when the rally may be over. He also discusses Chandelier Stops, Moving Average Stops, and when it makes sense to tighten stops.

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Industrials And X’s | Greg Schnell, CMT | Market Buzz (11.02.22)

The market rally continues and a few sectors have taken the lead in performance. Industrials is one of the leading sectors so far. Greg shows how to download the stocks in the industrials group and sort it by overall strength, or sort it by industry group and have a strength sort within that. As a little extra component, Greg covers off some ETF’s with X’s in them and why he thinks they are an important support if the industrials are to continue to rally.

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