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Education – Lesson 15 – MACD

MACD = Moving Average Convergence Divergence⠀

We continue on the idea of Momentum Indicators, using the waves we see with the MACD, corresponding with the price – waves get bigger, price gets bigger. We use the MACD, to see where the stock is hovering above or below zero.⠀

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Education – Lesson 13 – Overlays vs. Indicators

Overlays go on top of the price chart, and we can use them with moving averages to sort which stocks are above or below the moving averages.⠀

Indicators are on a separate panel, above or below the price and oscillate back and forth to find the market tops and bottoms.⠀

MORE TO COME! In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing more indicators that can be used, and how technicians use them to read the charts.

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